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WHERE THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GETS GOING… simply justify that when situations are difficult, strong people rise to the occasion to make it happen and to give shape to what’s there in your mind. Thus, we at Opus World understand the importance of any event with the style. The significance of it, the soul of it, and the role of it plays in setting an event apart, lifting it to an elevated level. We will help you to live the memories forever…with full zest and zeal. Whether you want an icon or an expert, we know how to accelerate your event and hold the audience. Distinctive, inventive, futurist style puts an indelible stamp on what we do. EXCELLENCE is the key term of Opus World Team which will pitch your business scenario.

Sidhartha Mehta : A MBA from ITM Mumbai with  specialization in Event Management. Organized more than 400 events / Weddings at various levels.
Gurpreet Kaur (Creative Head): Graduate in public Administration with a Diploma in office management & Multimedia.  An expert in co-ordination with work experience of over 150 events.

Chanda Mehta (Creative Designer) : Graduate in Visual Art from International College for Girls & successfully coordinated more then 50 events.

Ramsingh Kasana (Manager Production): Vast experience of production. Has managed over 200 various events including ICC champion’s trophy at jaipur.
Ajay : Production Executive
Mridura Sen ( Senior Manager Corporate & Weddings): Successfully coordinated more then 400 shows with a work experience of 15 years.
Aditi Mehta (Client Service Manager) – Master in Business Administration with a work experience of 2 Years.
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